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17 06, 2016

Barbusa by the Busalacchi’s Brings Modern Sicilian to Little Italy

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by Candice Woo , photos by Lyudmila Zotova This article originally appeared in - All Rights are theirs, not ours More Southern Italian for India Street The Busalacchi family, including patriarch Joe Busalacchi, nephew and executive chef Nino Zizzo and son and general manager PJ Busalacchi, could be officially opening their latest restaurant in Little Italy as soon as this weekend. A transformation of their old school Po Pazzo, the new Barbusa is a modern homage to the family's Sicilian heritage; inspired by Southern Italian specialties, the menu includes arancini, sea urchin and shrimp pasta, and tripe with classic, spicy puttanesca sauce. Seafood is well-represented, particularly at the six-seat crudo bar which will offer everything from fish carpaccio to oysters. And the pasta is all housemade, rolled out in the open kitchen in front of seven-seat chef's table that will host monthly tasting dinners. There's also a wood-fired pizza oven, baking [...]