San Diego Sicilian Festival

San Diego Sicilian Festival

On Sunday, May 19th San Diego celebrates Sicily and all of its wonders!  From food, to art, to music, the annual San Diego Sicilian Festival will pay tribute to the Sicilian heritage that we have come to know and love here in Little Italy.

We are coming into our 20th festival this year, which means it will be bigger and better than ever before! Entertainment will be vibrant, the food will be rich and flavorful and the colorful atmosphere will transform India Street into a true Sicilian festival.

Listen, Move, and Eat!

Open up your ears to sounds all the way from New York City. The Sicilian Tenors are headlining the music scene this year. The Tenors’ operatic voices and charismatic presences are guaranteed to get everyone in the Italian mood!

Along with music, comes dance, which has been an integral part of Italian culture.  During the festival, the Roman Holiday Band and Dancers will dazzle audiences with a combination of Italian music and dances, upholding the rich heritage brought all the way from Sicily. There will also be Italian performing folk dancers will go on to delight audiences with traditional dances that tell us stories from centuries long ago.

It probably goes without saying that food will be cooking and the wine will be flowing. So, rest up, because you will need all of your energy to “eat, drink and be Sicilian!”

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