Wine Off The Beaten Path

Wine Off The Beaten Path

Every year, Italy draws in hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to Tuscany for the ultimate Vino Italiano experience. Their region of choice? Chianti.

With all due respect to Italy’s most famous wine, we happen to adore many other regions of Italian wine that are often untouched by foreign tourists.

We believe in the small wineries run by generations of passionate, expert winemakers. We believe in bottles not based on their special discounted price at Bevmo, but rather in the unique, rich soil these grapes have grown in for centuries.

Italy Wine Tasting

When planning a wine tasting trip throughout Italy, we suggest that you work your way from North to South. Northern Italy produces fantastic acidic wine, while Southern Italy pumps out heavy, highly alcoholic wine. So, just as you move from white to red, give your palette the most balanced experience and go from North to South.

Northern Italy:
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Sauvignon Blanc
Located right outside of Venice, spend time cleansing and subtly shocking your palette with acidic, crisp white wines from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. These Sauv Blancs are nothing like the French, FVG is proud to showcase the citrusy, tangy flavors of the Italian-Slovenian-Austrian border. Enjoy the local seafood and fried appetizers (fritti) with your wine.

Central Italy:
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Think of this area as the more unique Chianti. Grown on the east coast of central Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo features dark fruit and peppery flavors. This medium-heavy red is bold enough to pair with a steak or meaty pasta. Though quite tannic, nothing goes better with this wine than dark chocolate.

Southern Italy:
Mt. Etna (Sicilia)
Etna Rosso
Welcome to the Busalacchi Homeland, Sicilia. Perhaps the most underrated wine in all of Italy, Etna Rosso is perfect all around. If you enjoy mineral notes with a complex, rolex replica watches yet inviting wine, this is the wine for you. Grown on the slopes of the infamous Mt. Etna, visiting this region is just as beautiful as it is tasteful. Enjoy the aqua beaches while you eat the freshest seafood.

Those are just a few of our picks for Italy’s best wine off the beaten path. Stop by any of our restaurants to taste more and find more inspiration.

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