Local Beers at Trattoria Fantastica

Local Beers at Trattoria Fantastica

MB_Blonde_Label.aiAt Trattoria Fantastica, we like to keep things simple: good food, good drinks, and good company. We take pride in our service, making the customers feel like family and the restaurant feel like home. And to keep things in our San Diego family, we carry domestic beer from our hometown.

Mission Brewery

Located in downtown San Diego, Mission Brewery provides us with their Blonde Ale. While light in color, this bitter yet fruity beer goes well with our classic Spaghetti Bolognese or our mouthwatering Lasagna.

WindanseaWheatKarl Strauss

Another neighboring brewery, starting out on Columbia Street just blocks away from our restaurant, Karl Strauss opened their business in 1989. We carry their wheat beer, Windansea. You can start off drinking this Hefeweizen with our Insalata Spinaci, and continue enjoying it with our Quattro Formaggi pizza, as the malty and hoppy brew and its hint of clove compliment both dishes.

Ballast Point

Moving to a slightly darker beer, we serve Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale made here in America’s finest city. This medium-bodied brew is made with four different types of malts! The bitterness from the hops and hint of fruitiness makes this beer well-rounded, which means it pairs well with a simple meal like our traditional Pepperoni pizza or something fancier like our flavorful Veal Saltimbocca.

IPA_label_smallStone Brewing Company

The strongest local beer that we carry is Stone Brewing Company’s India Pale Ale. While it’s one of America’s top-selling IPAs, its hometown is our hometown: sunny San Diego! This golden colored brew is extra hoppy and boasts citrus flavors and malty elements that make it perfect for a spicy dish like our Gamberi Fra Diavolo. And surprisingly, it’s not so bad with one of our desserts like our rich Cannoli or our scrumptious Carrot Cake!

Our family at Trattoria Fantastica is all about our Sicilian cuisine and the Italian lifestyle here in the heart of Little Italy.

However, we will always adore our truly fine city of San Diego and proudly support our fellow local business owners, especially when their product compliments ours!

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