Welcome to Cheers!

Welcome to Cheers!

Via Lago Trattoria by Busalacchi opened its doors in the Eastlake area 5 years ago. In fact, the exact date was October 30, 2007, right after the devastating wild fires of ‘07.

From the very beginning, we have been fortunate to have wonderful regular customers that continue to encourage and support us for opening a Busalacchi restaurant outside the downtown San Diego area. These loyal and devoted customers continued to support us during the very serious downturn of the economy, which hit this area extremely hard.

As we all recover from the dark days of the recession, we are happy to say we feel like we have become a part of this community – and have weathered the storm.

Most evenings, happy hour has become so much happier. Most patrons know each other by their first names and greet one another warmly as they enter the restaurant. We have celebrated numerous patrons’ family births, weddings (yes, several patrons have gotten married in our wine room!) baby and wedding showers, family and corporate events.

Like “Cheers,” Via Lago Trattoria really is a place where everybody knows your name!

We often see a regular customer walking in the restaurant and we immediately know which wine to pull, how cold they like their pinot grigio and the exact temperature of their rib eye. Many of our customers request the same booth or table several times a week.

And we always enjoy catching up and sharing stories. We have customers that come in to share their travel stories and they come in to see their favorite server and want to listen to the server’s recent adventures, or what is new in their lives.

On any given night there is a hug taking place between a customer and staff member somewhere in the dining room.

We are fortunate to be part of the Eastlake Chula Vista community and look forward to new growth. We welcome the new families and businesses that are moving back into the area and hope to make them part of our growing family.

It’s good to be Cheers!

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